Artistic Revival

The state of Kingston’s art scene hangs in the balance. The perception of art in Kingston is sorely out of date; watercolour and oil landscapes of Wolf Island (don’t forget the windmills), kitschy animal portraits, skilless representational art prints. This is a sad representation of the state of art in Canada. As a country we are at the forefront of contemporary art but somehow Kingston seems happy with mediocrity. Weseem to push all art as one entity making no separation between good art, bad art, new art, experimental art, hobbyist art, etc… it’s all the same in Kingston. You’re an artist? “Oh, good for you”.

Perhaps one of the problems is that most of the talent that Kingston births, leaves. I can’t blame them, it’s hard to be taken seriously in a place like this. Caught between Toront0, Montreal and Ottawa, it’s too easy to leave.